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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Assalam alaykum

If anyone actually reads this blog......I apologize for not writing anything in a while. Updates are that my husband arrived safely in Boston on April 11, 2008, alhumdulilah. He has adjusted very well to life here and my daughters have become quite attached to him.

Someday I think I'd like to write about being a single mother. Technically I guess I'm no longer a single mom, though the only thing that has changed is that I am now married. When a single mom gets married it's not like the husband is automatically replacing the void of having a father live in the house everyday so I think there should be some term for the women who's children's fathers live elsewhere who do have a husband. My husband is a big help, as much as he is allowed to be, in that he passes time with my girls thus giving me free time to do laundry, dishes, etc. I still feel the burden though of being the sole decision maker in much of their lives.

I think I haven't written about this subject before because it's almost like letting down the wall of a dam..........once I tap into the emotional side of single motherhood I think I'd have to take about a month off not just from work but from life in general. LOL.

Anyways that is just food for thought for later writing options.

ma salaam :)


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